Widget types

There are different types and subtypes of widgets.

Table widget

Table widgets display their content in several cells. The following subtypes are available:

  • Table The widget contains any number of columns and rows.

  • Column The widget contains only a single column.

  • Row The widget contains only a single row.

  • Hierarchy The widget is displayed in a hierarchical structure. To do this, it must contain the level in the first column and the display text in the second column. Note: If the level is negative, the corresponding row in the hierarchy is collapsed (see the following example, the row for Texas has a negative level, therefore Texas is collapsed)

Cell widget

Cell widgets display their content in a single cell. There are also subtypes here.

  • Cell The content of the widget is displayed within the cell. Depending on the value type of the content, it is formatted accordingly, e.g. a number can be displayed with grouping or decimal places, and a date in the date format of the browser.

  • Password The content of the widget is displayed masked. With the option to make the entered text visible and support for the browser's password manager.

  • QR code The content of the widget is displayed as a QR code. A maximum of approx. 2,000 characters can be packed as a QR code.

Text widget

Text widgets offer the option of formatted text input and display. A toolbar is displayed after activating the widget.

Button widget

With a button widget, you can perform an action by clicking on it, e.g. navigating to another page or updating the information which is currently displayed in the page. The corresponding formula is stored in the On click action.

Menu widgets allow you to select an element from a list. The following two subtypes are offered:

  • Menu The menu widget contains a flat list of elements.

  • Hierarchy menu The hierarchy menu widget is filled with a hierarchical arrangement of elements. It is filled and displayed in the same way as described above for the Hierarchy table subtype.

Chart widget

In chart widgets, the data is displayed in various chart options. Further information can be found in the Chart content section.

Image widget

Images can be displayed in image widgets. The following image formats are currently supported: jpeg, jpg, png, svg