Shares an app with a user.


SHAREAPP(appName; email; appRole)

  • appName - the name of the app, which should be shared with a user - Value type: text

  • email - the email address of the user with whom the app is to be shared - Value type: text

  • appRole - the new app role for the user in this app - Value type: text Possible values are: “Editor”, “Viewer”, “none”


  • The function shares the app with the specified user.

  • If appRole is "none", the app will no longer be shared with this user.

  • If the function execution was not successful, it returns !ERROR. This could happen in the follwing cases:

    • The function has been executed by a user who doesn’t have the Editor role of the app.

    • There is no app with the name appName.

    • There is no user with the email address in the current workspace.


Clicking on the "Share app" button shares the app "My App" with user Jim Miller.