Rounds a number to a defined number of digits.


ROUND(number; digits; direction)

  • number - the number which should be rounded - Value Type: number

  • digits - the number of digits which should be rounded - Value type: number (optional, default value: 0)

  • direction - defines if the number should be rounded to the nearest integer, up or downwards - Value type: constant (optional, default value: nearest) Possible values are:

    • nearest - value is rounded to the nearest number defined by digits. Here numbers with fraction part β€œ5” are rounded β€œaway from zero”.

    • up - value is rounded up (away from zero)

    • down - value is rounded down (towards zero)


  • If digits is a negative value, the nearest number is left of the decimal point.

  • The parameter direction can only be defined if parameter digits is defined as well.