Widget selection


It is possible to select multiple widgets at once. Only one of these widgets is the main selected widget, identified by resize circles at the four corners.

The main selected widget has some specific characteristics, e.g. only this widget can be resized.

Widget selection

Single widgets are selected by just clicking on them.

Multiple widgets can be selected by

  • holding the Shift or the CTRL key pressed during the selection process. An additional click deselects a selected widget.

  • dragging a rectangle around widgets by using drag & drop within the page.

  • CTRL+a selects all widgets of a page.

Within a selection of multiple widgets, the main selected widget can be changed by

  • clicking two times on a selected widget with holding the Shift or CTRL key pressed.

  • typing on tab or Shift+tab. This changes the main selected widget within the selection to one or the opposite direction.