Saves the current content of a widget in the nedyx database.



  • widget - the widget for which the current content should be saved in the nedyx database - Value type: widget


  • This function enables using the nedyx database to store data of an app, instead of using an external database.

  • If widget has a Content formula assigned, the function does nothing Note: The content of widgets with a Content formula is never stored in the nedyx database, because it is always calculated by the Content formula.

  • It is recommended to call the UPDATE function of the widget before calling STOREWIDGETCONTENT, to get the latest stored content of the widget and ensure that changes, which have been stored by other users in the meantime, don't get lost.


Example 1

Example 2

Please note that this example is more complicated than usual examples, and requires some enhanced experience with nedyx app creation.

The "lockState" cell is used here to further ensure, that all desired changes can be merged into the latest stored content of a widget, with a reduced risk that another user does the same in parallel.