Sends an email to one or more recipients.


SENDEMAIL(to; replyTo; subject; body; attachment)

  • to - address of the recipient - Value type: text

  • replyTo - the reply-to address - Value type: text

  • subject - the subject line of the email - Value type: text

  • body - the body of the email - Value type: text

  • attachment - the file which should be attached to the email(s) - Value type: text (optional, default: empty - no file is attached)


  • Parameter to can be a column range containing a list of recipients.

  • Parameter attachment must be the name of a file which has been generated by the PDFCREATE function, including the file extension ".pdf".


In the next example, clicking the Send Email button below creates a pdf file containing the page "SalesDashboard".

Afterwards, the generated PDF file is sent as an email attachment by calling the SENDEMAIL function.