Returns specific rows of a range.


ROWS(range; rowIndex1; rowIndex2; …; rowIndexN)

  • range - the range from which the rows should be extracted - Value type: range

  • rowIndex1-N - the indicees of the rows which should be included in the return range - Value type: number


  • The order of the rows in the return range is the same as the order of the rowIndex parameters.

  • If a row does not exist in range, a row with empty cells is included in the range.

  • It is possible to use the same index multiple times, then the same row is included multiple times in the result range.


The left table is filled with the rows 1 and 3 of table1:

The left table is filled with several rows of table2 in a custom order. Including an empty row, by using 0 as index:

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