Further adjustments

Now that you learned about the main nedyx principles, this chapter provides a more playfully, less guided way to become more familiar about nedyx.

  1. For the chart widget,

    • change the type from line chart to area chart

    • change the line thickness to 0

    • display only horizontal grid lines

2. Change the name of the table widget from table2 to dataTable.

Note: If widgets are used in formula, it is always helpful if they have spelling names. You can always easily rename your widgets. So the chart widget formula uses now the new name of the table widget.

3. Change the name of page Page1, which you have previously created, to CalcPage.

Note: If you change the name of a page, all formulas that use that page are also automatically adjusted. You can check this in the Content formula of the data table:

COMBINE(#CalcPage.year; #CalcPage.contribution; #CalcPage.totalValue; #CalcPage.growth; horizontal)

This completes the Getting started chapter. Feel free to learn more about nedyx, by creating your first own app, or extending an existing app. Use this online documentation to learn more about available functions and options in nedyx.

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