We start with creating a copy of a template for the Investment Calculator.

  1. Login to nedyx. This will take you to the My Apps page.

  2. Duplicate the app Getting started by clicking on Duplicate App in the three dots menu:

3. On the duplicated app, click on Edit App in the three dots menu. In the following dialog Edit App you can rename the app, add a description or an image according to your preferences. Then click on Update to save the changes.

Note: You can type in whatever you like, nobody else is able to see or open your app until you share it with others.

4. Now click on the app tile to open the app. This opens the app in Live mode, the standard usage mode of nedyx apps.

In the left Navigation area, you see the pages of your app. Currently the app contains only one page named Calculator.

During the next chapters you will learn about the single areas of the nedyx Edit mode step-by-step.