Returns the number of numeric cells in a range.


COUNT(range; orientation; option)

  • range - a range of values - Value type: range

  • orientation - the orientation of the count calculation - Value type: constant (optional, all as default). Possible values are:

    • all - the whole range is counted and returned as a single number

    • horizontal - the count calculation is performed horizontally (row-wise) and returned as a column of numbers

    • vertical - the count calculation is performed vertically (column-wise) and returned as a row of numbers

  • option - defines if empty cells are counted as well - Value type: constant (optional, numericcells as default) Possible values are:

    • numericcells

    • nonemptycells

    • allcells


  • If parameter 3 is defined, parameter 2 must be defined as well.