Retrieves data from a data connector.



  • statement - the statement which is sent to the database to retrieve the data - Value type: text (optional)


  • This function can only be executed by a widget which has a database connection assigned (a button, menu or a table widget), either directly in its Connection tab, or by a reference to another widget (see chapter Connection property).

  • If GETDATA is called without a parameter, the function returns the content of the database table which is defined in the Connection tab.

  • If GETDATA is called with the parameter statement, the string defined by statement is sent to the database instead of the settings in the Connection tab.

  • If GETDATA is called for a hierarchy or a hierarchy menu widget, it returns the data in a hierarchical structure:

For these widget types, the property "Number of levels" in the Connection tab specifies how many of the first columns define the hierarchy: