Maps rows from a range according to a column of key values.


LOOKUP(keyColumn; rangeKeys; range; orientation)

  • keyColumn - the column defining the order how the rows of range are returned - Value type: column range

  • rangeKeys - the column to search for the keys of keyColumn - Value type: column range

  • range - the range from which the rows are returned in the order defined by keyColumn - Value type: range

  • orientation - the orientation of the LOOKUP operation - Value type: constant (optional, default value: vertical) Possible values are

    1. vertical - as described above

    2. horizontal - the LOOKUP function maps columns instead of rows of range to the key values. In this case, a row range is used for the parameters keyColumn and rangeKeys.


  • If rangeKeys has duplicated values,

    • numeric cells are summarized

    • the first non-numeric cell value (from top to bottom) is returned in the return range