Evaluates an expression if a corresponding condition is true.


IF(condition; thenExpression; elseExpression)

  • condition - the condition which is evaluated - Value type: boolean

  • thenExpression - expression which is evaluated if condition is true - Value type: any

  • elseExpression - expression which is evaluated if condition is false - Value type: any (optional, default: empty)


The function returns the result of the evaluated then- or elseExpression.


  • The function can be called with multiple condition/thenExpression parameter pairs as well. In this case, the evaluation of the functions stops after the first condition which is true. If none of the conditions is true, elseExpression is evaluated.


In this case, after clicking on the button, table3 is filled with the information if the values of table4 are positive, negative or zero. The IF function is used here with 5 parameter, and the result is used to fill a table widget.