Keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available in nedyx.

  • CTRL+a: Select all widgets of a page

  • CTRL+c: Copy one or multiple selected widgets into the Clipboard

  • CTRL+v: Paste the widgets from the Clipboard into the current page

  • CTRL+Alt+c: Copy the style of the currently selected widget into the Clipboard

  • CTRL+Alt+v: Apply the style of the Clipboard on the currently selected widget

  • DEL: Delete the currently selected widgets

  • Tab: Navigate to the next widget or nedyx UI element Note: If multiple widgets are selected, the tab key changes the main selected widget between the currently selected widgets.

  • CTRL+Tab: Navigate to the previous widget or UI element

  • F1: Open the nedyx online help. If a function of another element of a formula is selected, the according help chapter is openend.

  • F3: Navigate to the widget, on which the mouse cursor is currently located in the formula editor.

  • Shift+F3: Navigate back to the widget, on which the last F3 command has been executed.