Error handling

Error types

If a formula evaluation cannot be performed, it returns an error. The following errors are defined in nedyx.

  • !CALCULATION - an unexpected problem with a calculation occured.

  • !CONNECTION - content from a database cannot be retrieved, because the connection to the database is not established.

  • !DIV0 - a value has been divided by 0 during an operation

  • !RECURSION - during the calculation of a widget a circular reference is detected, i.e. the widget uses its own content for the calculation, directly or during the calculation of other depending widgets.

  • !REFERENCE - a widget reference could not be resolved.

  • !SYNTAX - the formula contains a syntax error.

  • !VALUE - it was not able to process the value for an operation or a function.

  • !VALUETYPE - it was not possible to convert a value to the value type which was required for an operation or a function. Example: "A" * 2 returns !VALUETYPE

Error handling rules

  • If a calculation uses a value of type error, it returns the same error as well. This helps to find the origin of an error.

  • If more errors are encountered during an operation, the first evaluated error is returned.

  • Errors are displayed in the same way as texts in cells, messages etc.