Live and Edit mode

When an app is opened for the first time by a user, it starts in Live mode, which is the mode of the productive usage of the app. Here the user has all the interaction options with the app that the editor of the app has provided.


  • In Live mode, every user has a separate "session". Meaning that if a user switches a menu or enters data into table or cell widget, this change has no impact on the sessions of other users.

  • It is possible to close a running app and open it afterwards, to continue using the app at the same state when it has been left.

  • A session ends automatically if it has not been used for a certain time (60 minutes). Afterwards, opening the app again starts with all default settings like widget content or menu settings.

The Edit mode is the environment where apps are built. Pages can be created, widgets can be added to pages, it is possible to change widget positions and styles, define database connection and much more.


  • In Edit mode, all changes are auto-saved and are immediately available for all other users of the app.

  • It is possible that multiple editors apply changes on the same app. These changes are available for the other editors immediately as well, so it is recommended to coordinate such a multi-editor development. In the future, nedyx will provide enhanced options to automatically inform editors about changes of other editors.

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