Chart properties

Chart widgets have some specific properties. These properties can be configured in the Chart Style tab.

Please note that for each chart type only the properties that are relevant for it are offered.

Chart type

Defines the type of the chart.

Current options for the chart type are:

  • Line

  • Vertical line

  • Area

  • Vertical area

  • Column

  • Waterfall

  • Vertical waterfall

  • Bar

  • Polar area

  • Radar

  • Pie

Data in rows

See Chart content

Dataset names in first row / column

See Chart content


Specifies if the included datasets should be stacked in the chart.

Center datasets

Specifies if the chart segments should be centered. This allows e.g. to position a line chart above a column chart.


Specifies if a legend should be displayed for the chart. If switched on, the sub-property Position specifies if the legend should be display on the top, on the bottom, to the left or the right of the chart.

Display values

Specifies if labels should be displayed for the elements of the chart. This property has the following sub-properties:

  • Position - specifies if the value should be displayed around the start, the center or the end of the chart segment.

  • Alignment - specifies how the value is to be displayed in the environment of position. Possible values are start, center, end, left, right, top, bottom.

  • Offset - specifies the distance from the value from the point defined by position. Please note that negative values are allowed as well.

Line type

Specifies if lines should be drawn smooth or straight between chart elements.

Line style

Specifies if lines should be drawn solid, dashed or dotted between chart elements.

Line thickness

Specifies the thickness of the lines between chart elements.

Point shape

Specifies if chart elements are displayed as circle, disc or square.

Point size

Specifies the size of the chart element in pixel.


Specifies the transparency of the background of chart segments. 0 means no transparency, 100 means full transparency.

Zero line

Specifies if a line should be displayed at the position of the 0-axis. If switched on, the color and size of the line can be specified.

Horizontal axis

Specifies if the labels for the horizontal axis should be displayed.

Rotate labels

Specifies if the chart labels of the horizontal axis are to be rotated. Setting auto means automatic rotation, depending on the length of the labels. In the popup menu, the value of the clock-wise rotation in degrees can be selected.

Vertical axis

Specifies if the labels for the vertical axes should be displayed.

Min value

Specifies the minimum value of the chart.

Max value

Specifies the maximum value of the chart.


Specifies if the defined Min value and Max value should be applied exactly, or in a way that the entire chart content fits comfortably in the chart area, including evenly distributed grid lines between the min and max value.