Adding widgets

Add a widget to a page

From the "Add widget" toolbar, widgets can be added to a page. This can be done

  • by a single click on the widget icon. This adds the widget to the center of the visible page area.

  • by drag & drop of the widget icon to the position on the page, where it should be inserted.

Other options to create widgets

  • by executing the "Duplicate" command from the widget toolbar. This duplicates all currently selected widgets, and inserts them on the same page with a shift of 10 pixels to the right and to the bottom.

  • By copy & paste widgets from the same page, or any other page into the current page, by typing CTRL+c and CTRL+v for the selected widgets to copy.


  • If the name of the widget is already used in the current page by another widget, a new available name is created by adding a numerical appendix to the widget name, like "username2".

  • If multiple widgets are copied, their internal formula references are preserved. That means, if the name of the inserted widget changes, the new name is applied in all formulas of the copied widgets.

  • If widgets are copied from another app to the current app, it could happen that widgets which are used in formulas are not available in the new app. These formulas must be adjusted before the widgets can be used with their full previous functionality.

  • Copy & paste of widgets between different versions of nedyx is not supported.

Change the name of a widget

The Name field displays the name of the currently selected widget, which can be changed there as well.


  • There are some restrictions to widget names:

    • must contain at least 3 letters

    • only these characters are allowed: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _ (underscore)

  • It is not possible to change the name of a widget to a name which is already used by another widget in the same page.

  • When the name of a widget is changed, all formula references in the app are automatically adjusted to the new name. So it is very easy to change widget names at any time.