Table widget types

Table widgets provide an option to define the sub-types Table, Column, Row and Hierarchy.

Select the sub-type of a table

The sub-type of a table widget can be specified in the Style toolbar.

The following sub-types are available:


The default type. The table can contain any number of columns and rows.


Columns can contain only one column. If the width of a Column widget changes, the width of its cells changes automatically as well.


Rows can contain only one row. If the height of a Row widget changes, the height of its cells changes automatically as well.


The sub-type hierarchy provides a special display of the content of a table widget. Rows are displayed as nodes of a hierarchy, with level-indendation, and the option to open or close nodes. Here the first column must provide level information of the single row. This column is not displayed directly, instead this information is used to define the structure of the hierarchy.


  • If the level information of the row cannot be applied, for example if it does not contain a number of the number is too high or too low, level 1 is used instead.

  • If a row is closed, the level information is swiched to a negative number (while keeping its absolute value).

  • If the content of a hierachy is accessed in a formula, only the currently visible rows are returned.