Widget cell references

As an extension to widget references, widget cell references are used in formula to retrieve the content of certain widget cells.

Syntax: #pageName.widgetName!A1:B2


  • #pageName.widgetName - Reference of the widget (see previous chapter)

  • A1 - starting cell of the cell range, with

    • A: column 1, B: column 2, ...

    • 1: row 1, 2: row 2, ...

  • B2 - ending cell of the cell range

Selecting cell references in the formula editor

While holding down the CTRL key, either a reference to a widget or to cells of a table widget can be inserted into the formula editor:


  • Single cells can be referenced by a single click on an already selected widget reference (identified by a dotted frame).

  • Multiple cells can be referenced by drag & drop across multiple cells.

  • After clicking on a widget reference in the formula editor, the corresponding widget or widget cell(s) is marked by a dotted marching frame.


  • #table1!B3 - returns the cell content of column 2 and row 3, of the widget with name table1

  • #table1!E - returns the content of the whole column 5

  • #table1!3 - returns the content of the whole row 3

  • #table1!B3:D5 - returns the cell range between column 2, row 3 and column 4, row 5.

  • #H5 - returns the content of column 8, row 5 of the widget that executes the current formula.

  • #me!H5 - returns the same as the previous example