Content tab


In the Content tab, the properties for widget content can be specified.


Defines how many digits should be displayed for decimal numbers. If automatic is selected, all ending zeros are truncated.

In percent

Displays the current number in its percentage representation, with an ending "%".


Displays a grouping character for separating thousands, millions, etc. in a number. This option is not available if "In percent" is selected.

Scroll binding

(This option is only available for table widgets.)

In the Scroll binding menu, another table of the same page can be selected which defines the scroll position of the current widget.


  • Both the vertical and the horizontal scroll positions can be synchronized. If only one direction should be scrollable, adjust the width or height of the table widgets that no scrollbar is available in that direction.

  • It is possible that multiple table widgets use the same table widget as scroll binding widget.

Default item for menu widgets

For menu widgets, the option Default item is provided. If switched on, a default item name can be entered which is always displayed as top entry in the menu popup.


  • If the default item for a menu is selected, the GETSELECTION function returns 0 as position and the name of the default item as value.

  • Calling the SETSELECTION function switches to the default item, if 0 is used as position or the name of the default item is used as value.

  • The default item is not part of the Content of a menu widget, it is a separate widget property. So if the content of the menu is referenced by another wigdet, the default item is not included.

Show tooltips

This property is only available for table and menu widgets, and it specifies if the values of the widget should show tooltips.